Starside Assistance


Hello Earthling! Have I got your planet name correct? Earth? Let me introduce myself, I am Rollifer Quarby, President of Starside.

You're in luck as we're on the lookout for new recruits, and I hear you're having a bit of a tough time of it down there at the moment!

We test our recruits using a weekly email packed with things to keep budding Starside Assistants busy, including:

  • The Academy - Puzzles and challenges to help you learn the skills you need as a Starside Assistant
  • Engineering - Your chance to build something useful from what you find around you
  • The Elite - Help other Starside Agents to solve unusual and interesting cases from distant star systems
  • Quizzes- Online quizzes to test your skills against other Starsiders
  • Gobildigook - Starside's friendly chatbot who will help you along the way
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The perfect, at home adventure

Subscribe to Starside Assistance by clicking the button below. When you login to your Dashboard, your first mission will be ready to play, then once a week, you'll recieve new missions that are part of the Starside story to keep the young adventurers in your life engaged, challenged and busy.

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Interactive challenges

Starside Assistance is a game designed to keep little minds whirring - each mission will have a variety of different challenges - puzzles, skills, and play ideas; all rolled up into an engaging and exciting story. They will be waiting with anticipation for the next instalment each week!

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Keep them occupied

We're all spending more time at home than we expected these days and Starside Assistance is a great way to keep the younger members of family entertained whilst you can focus on working from home. We're set for the long haul here, so make sure you are too!

Who are the people behind Starside Assistance?

We're glad you asked. Starside Assistance is brought to you by Boundless Workshop; we're a small company based in Edinburgh and up until early March we designed and built escape games and other interactive experiences. However, like so many small businesses, we've been hit hard by Covid-19 and watched as our whole order book disappeared. Rather than throwing in the towel, we locked ourselves in a room, purchased a lot of junk food and worked out how we could use all of our experience and skills to create a great, at home kit to help parents dealing with the sudden invasion of little people at home. The result was Starside Assistance - we hope it brings you and your family a bit of fun at this challenging time and you can purchase it safe in the knowledge that you're helping a small business to survive. Thank you, from the team at Boundless Workshop.

Subscribe now

Includes a 7 day free trial!

STEM based activities and challenges

Home based fun lasting approximately 1 - 2 hours a week

Content delivered through the website

Interactive chatbot

Quizzes for the family


Still got more questions about Starside?.

When you subscribe to Starside you’ll be directed to our login page to confirm your signup and you’ll get an email from Rollifer Quarby, the President of Starside. Click the button on the email to login to the Starside dashboard

In the bottom corner of the dashboard, our interactive chat bot, Gobildigook, will appear, who will start you on your journey. The chatbot will also be able to offer clues and hints to Starsiders as they progress through the challenges.

During the week, we will also be launching new features and bonus content such as quizzes and interactive challenges to offer great value for money.

We know being stuck inside all day is going to drive kids mad but we also know they're really not going to be keen to do school work while at home so we've designed Starside to be a fun and engaging way to keep them learning.

Starside is about using digital technology to encourage young people to interact with the world around them, and will engage their creative minds away from the screen too!

Each week we will be providing a whole host of materials for your kids to keep them engaged and to buy you valuable time for some peace and quiet to get work done! Our estimate is that we're providing a minimum of 2 hours worth of activities each week and that's before any of the bonus content.

Gobildigook is our online chatbot - the email will give you a website to visit where they will start talking to your kids and will help to guide them through the experience from start to finish. Gobildigook will even remember how far you are through the Starside Assistance program each time you visit. The best bit is that your kids can ask Gobildigook for clues so you don't get pestered for help!

Of course! The subscription is for your household so if you have a couple of little people in your life then be sure to make this a group activity where they can sit down and work on the puzzles together; we just ask that you don't send all of the resources to everyone you know!

We've developed these resources with the help of teachers and kids alike to make sure they're appropriate and suitable for a broad age range. We suggest that the puzzles and challenges provided are most suited to kids between the ages of 7 and 13.

We're sure you won't want to! However, should you need to cancel at any point then just head over to your dashboard and click the help link at the top to cancel your subscription.